Monday, 27 September 2010

Atomic Cupcakes are the........BOMB!!!

I hate the word "Bomb" .. But i couldn't find any other fitting words in my very slow working mind this appologies in advance for the cheesey Amercianised saying ; ) 

As a Cambridge girl, and a HUGE fan of now you all will know ( ; ) ... I had heard some very good reviews on a local girl who runs a company called "Atomic Cupcakes" and i was told that i haven't lived until i have tried her concoctions..(Thank you to Aunty Linda for the rave review!) i got in touch with Emily, who was just lovely via email.
Very chatty and happy to talk about all things cupcake, which put her in my good books right away ( I love a good old cupcake conversation ; ) 

After a few complications from both sides, we finally agreed on a date and a time to swap my hard earnt pennies for her wares...and it certainly was a fair swap indeed!

I was greeted with a smiley face on a dismal rainy Friday lunchtime (Before i set off for a similar weekend of camping!), and she let me peek inside the cute cupcake box and she ran through everything that she had made for me.....And what a selection it was!.....

.....Red Velvet Cupcakes with green icing, and a very (Cute?!) white chocolate skull on the top. This made me think straight away about the lovely Romsey Roller Billies who i had trained with earlier this year to learn to skate (And failed miserably after injuring my back!), and i thought to myself that i was sure that these had appeared somewhere in their list of events previously... it made me smile. I love the unique spin on this popular american recipe, which i have never tried before. Delicious. Not as sweet as i had imagined. Go for this if you are not a big fan of sugary sweet cupcakes!

.... Banoffee.... A Delicious Banana flavoured sponge, which looked as though fresh banana had been used, and you could tell. This was not a heavy flavour, as some banana cupcakes can be! And the toffee middle was a welcome surprise as we bit into this gooey cupcake. My fiance is a Banoffee he was VERY happy indeed! I enjoyed looking closely at the perfect sponge and being in awe of it! Mine always become so dense, but this was light and you could see through the holes in it... jealousy here i must admit!

....And then i have to mention the most devine cupcake out of them all! The Black Bottom Cupcake with Strawberry swirl Buttercream. What can i say?! This was the BEST cupcake i have tasted so far!
(And i said that last week about a certain other cupcake...but my mind has been changed since then!)
Wow. This i could eat for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner (If i were allowed to do so haha!). The sponge was chocolate mixed with a cheesecake-y mix, and on top was the tasty buttercream swirled with what tasted like strawberry jam, which just gave it the most enjoyable taste. I am such a sucker for these now! My favourite of the selection by far! And i think my fiance will second this decision!

.... Not forgetting the deceivingly light Carrot Cupcake... this had a slight spice to the sponge and to the icing and worked so well. After my small third of a carrot cupcake last week, this made me very happy to see.... and it did not disappoint! The lighter of the selection, and very simple sponge and icing combo, yet looked so beautiful decorated with it's sprinkles and glitter (As they all did!).

....Lastly...and sounding very piggy indeed aren't we?! haha (We did pace it over 3 days ; ) .... The Malted Cupcake
 Emily had asked me if there were any cupcakes i have always wanted to try and hadn't...this was made ESPECIALLY for me to try. Emily, you are a STAR. This worked. Not too sweet, yet again delicious.
Admitedly, i ate this for breakfast on Sunday morning hehe...Camping in the cold rain and wind woke me up with an appetite for something sweet to stop me from shivering!
Topped with a delicious chocolate frosting and a malteaser to decorate. The gold glitter set this off nicely.

I can see WHY Atomic Cupcakes were highly reccomended to me. Not only do Emily's Cupcakes TASTE amazing...they LOOK amazing too!
Decorated in fun and beautiful glitters and decorations, which would appeal to every child (Old or young!!!), and should be tried to be believed!
Great price, i have paid triple the cost of these beauties in Cambridge, and not received anything as unique or tasty as these!

If you are needing a cupcake fix, go straight to Atomic Cupcakes... You will not regret it!


Friday, 24 September 2010

(A Very Belated) National Cupcake Week!

How awful am i?! I forgot to blog on THE MOST important week of the Cupcake Year haha.... DOH!!!!


I DID manage to enjoy various Cupcake-related goodies, and the diet most certainly did go out of the window!!!

Firstly, on the Tuesday i met up with my very good girl friends for a gossip and a giggle and we enjoyed sharing various desserts, including a merringue (Bigger than an iceberg and could not be finished(!), a devine Lemon Tart, and of course a cupcake....a Carrot & Cinnamon Cupcake to be precise. This was delicious, and too small for our liking.... but at £3.50 (!?!) for one, we thought it best to not remortgage our homes for the cost of a cupcake! I think that was fair.

I have also found the delights of a local farm shop on the outskirts of Cambridge, at the Gog Magog Hills. This is truly a delight to visit! And i don't usually use phrases such as "A true delight!"...haha...But it REALLY is!
They have animals, 2 gorgeous ponies that are so friendly and happily nudge your hand for a fuss...which is very relaxing for us city workers who crave fresh air in a lunch hour!
They have a little coffee shop here, which also serves as the cheese counter for their well-stocked selection of Neals Yard cheeses... i, myself am not a cheese lover, but if you are... go and visit!
I am a cupcake lover of course, and they sell the BEST cupcakes i have tasted so far! (Other than my own!)

On Wednesday i enjoyed a Lemon Cupcake....and as Jane says on her website...

Lemon sponge with lemon curd, vanilla butter cream
and pretty fondant decorations."

I have to also admit...that i DID return on Friday to enjoy a second i just couldn't resist and i needed the sugar rush that only a cupcake could give!
The flavour i didn't really know, i just went by colour and how beautiful it and decorated with pink flowers, of which i had to fight for with a yummy mummy ("Oh little Beatrice really loves pink, so she would be devastated if she didn't have the same as her little friend").....Do i look like i care if little beatrice doesn't get that pink cupcake? .... Answers on a postcard ; ) 

Ok....I wasn't that mean...i let little Beatrice have the pink one...and the lady serving felt so sorry for me (Haha) she found me another one in the back and brought it to me to swap for my second choice...Being kind DOES pay off...who would have thought it haha. 
 The Jane suggests: 

"Pastel Flowers
Vanilla cupcake with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream,
topped with sprinkles and sugar flowers."    = JUST DELICIOUS!! Highly reccomended!!!

So until the next Cupcake...... A Very Belated Happy Cupcake Week!

Over and out! 

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I Craved Oreos......And look what i came up with : )

I am SO proud of myself hehe.... thanks to my colleague, who was munching on Oreo Cookies at work the other day, i got the real and very sudden urge to experiment with cupcakes.....of course!

So i did a bit of Googling...and the lovely Martha Stewart gave me this idea..... If you love Oreo Cookies...You will LOVE this Cupcake..... it is the best Oreo Cupcake i have EVER tasted....and ok.... I have only ever had one other Oreo Cupcake before whilst in Covent Garden a couple of months ago...but still....This is THE BEST Oreo Cupcake. Ever. And that is a promise ; )

Oreo's ROCK!

Oreo Cupcakes ROCK EVEN MORE!!!

...And PHEW!..... Oreo Overload over and done with....... Hehe.

Craving OVER.

I think.

Yes.... Over.

For now.