Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I Craved Oreos......And look what i came up with : )

I am SO proud of myself hehe.... thanks to my colleague, who was munching on Oreo Cookies at work the other day, i got the real and very sudden urge to experiment with cupcakes.....of course!

So i did a bit of Googling...and the lovely Martha Stewart gave me this idea..... If you love Oreo Cookies...You will LOVE this Cupcake..... it is the best Oreo Cupcake i have EVER tasted....and ok.... I have only ever had one other Oreo Cupcake before whilst in Covent Garden a couple of months ago...but still....This is THE BEST Oreo Cupcake. Ever. And that is a promise ; )

Oreo's ROCK!

Oreo Cupcakes ROCK EVEN MORE!!!

...And PHEW!..... Oreo Overload over and done with....... Hehe.

Craving OVER.

I think.

Yes.... Over.

For now.



  1. Oh wow, they look amazing!
    Definitely going to be experimenting myself soon to see if I can make some that look half as good as yours!

    Claire Marie x

  2. They certainly look good. The recipe would be nice.