Sunday, 22 August 2010

Wedding Belle

After what seemed like MONTHS of practice and preparation, my friend, Amy's marriage to Mark took place yesterday afternoon and i was even more organised with the cupcakes than i thought i could ever be.

The only thing i did forget was to buy the extra violet sweets that i needed to decorate the lemon cupcakes....and i got to the venue and suddenly realised there were 8 cakes NOT decorated....ARGGHHHHH stress haha.

It was fine, we managed to hide that fact and on the tier they looked amazing.

In fact the whole venue looked amazing....they had been given their venue (An old and nearly collapsing barn- which was donated to them for the day and looked just STUNNING lit up with fairy lights and decorated with sunflowers everywhere : )

The rain held off until later in the evening (Where we had a huge electric storm....scary stuff!) and it was a very warm day, so very lucky with it all : )

And now for a cupcake rest! haha....i don't want to see any cupcakes for at least a day or two!!!!

J : )


  1. Your cakes look amazing. Glad it all went off well and love the idea of sunflower decorations too.

  2. Thank you : )
    Really pleased with them. And the sheep worked with the barn venue ; ) (My friend made the sheep , unfortunately i can't take the credit for those haha!)