Friday, 13 August 2010

I am Officially Blogging....Who Would Have Thought It?

Ok, So here it goes....As you may have read from my info, i have decided to blog about everything cupcake related, so as not to keep annoying my facebook *Friends* with my ramblings.....As it turns out that nobody else i know is as thrilled as i am about Lemon Buttercream, or Chocolate Coffee Beans for those Primrose Bakery Cupcakes i made last week! haha i don't understand why (EVERYBODY should be excited about Lemon Buttercream, Chocolate covered Coffee beans  or even  Lavender Sugar!)..... Everybody i know is very happy to EAT my recipes, but i don't seem to have a reciprocative relationship with these same people..... Nobody generally makes ME cupcakes hehe.... or shares with me THEIR recipes!

I say GENERALLY, as i have, as a result of my cupcake craziness, set up a *Just for fun* group called the Cambridge Cupcake Club, which i set up on facebook for local people (predominantly my friends!) to get together over a cup of coffee and swap home-baked cupcakes which we all take (Enough for 1 per person) and take some home should we not be able to finish them all!
It is easy to think that you could eat lots of cupcakes in one sitting, but believe me, our last meet had 14 bakers, so 14 cupcakes was a challenge that NOBODY could complete in one sitting!

Anyway, i am waffling....

This is what i need! An outlet and a place to receive cupcake-based advice and (Potentially) free cupcakes whilst i am here hehe.....should you want to share one with me, i would not say no ; ) 

I guess i figure that if anybody makes cupcakes and posts them as a business or sideline, please do feel free to ask me for my opnion as a chief taste tester ; ) 

Thanks for reading, and i shall be back soon to post something useful no doubt!

CCL : )


  1. Hi Jo!
    Welcome to the blogging world! Great to have you along the ride. Thanks for coming to our Paris Tea Party. We're excited to hear about all that you have in store.
    We'll be in touch after the weekend regarding your FB email.
    Miss Lenoir & Miss Fairplay xo

  2. Excellent, and no worries : )
    Have a FAB weekend and hope your Queer Tea Party is a roaring success hehe : )

  3. So so cute! You've got a great start here! Can't wait to see more of your cupcake-loving posts!

    Keep up the good work! ♥

  4. Thanks Amanda : ) Please do follow me : ) Feeling very excited about this hehe x

  5. Sounds like it will be a great blog - love the idea of lavander sugar. I have vanilla sugar but had not thought about doing it with lavander. Also got very excited when I came managed to find some chocolate covered coffee beans and have used these a lot on cupcakes.

  6. Yeh the Chocolate beans are blinking hard to find hehe! There is a gorgeous chocolate shop in Cambridge that has recently opened...lethal! Believe me! : )

    Never thought of vanilla sugar....haha total role reversal! I would love the recipe/how to do it if you are happy to share : )

    Jo x

  7. It's pretty simple - just put a vanilla pod or two into any jar of sugar you might want to use for cakes and keep it there - keep topping up with sugar as it's used. keep adding any vanilla pods where you might have used the seeds for other purposes. Then don't need to add vanilla essance.

    How about your lavander sugar?

  8. Excellent thank you : )

    Same really, finely chop a handful of lavender, 2 if you want it much stronger.
    Add and mix in well to a jar of sugar, then leave for a week or 2. Depending on how strong you require it.

    Then when using it, add sugar to recipe through a sieve so that the old dry lavender does not go in.

    Should you require bits, then add some fresh lavender for bite.