Sunday, 15 August 2010

Lavender & Lemon Wedding Cupcakes....Strrreeeeesssss!

Ok..So i make Cupcakes for fun, and i somehow thought it would be a nice thing to offer to make my friends wedding cupcakes to take some stress off their shoulders! Well.... i gave myself plenty of time, and got making them, and freezing them to be REALLY organised!
They wanted a mix of Lavender (Which i made and froze right away) and then half Lemon...which again, i was organised and made and froze.
I thought i would count them to check that i had made the 100 that i need...... I got to 99, then re-counted to make sure i had gotten the *One* i had missed. 99 again..... GRRRR haha.
So now i have to make one more batch to get that ONE cupcake i missed....just my luck, but not a problem.

I sat down last night and decided to try my hand at purple vanilla buttercream....and it took me half an hour to get the colour right....blimey! This is harder than i thought it would hard honestly can it be to make the colour purple??? Blue and Red.... right.....but how much of each? ..... This is quite the science! It really is!!!

I did give a few a go at icing, and came up with some really BAD icing skills.... why is that when i am making cupcake for fun i get the most amazing looking cupcakes? But when i am making 100 for a friends WEDDING...for people i don't know to eat (!), that they go so wrong and i get upset because they are looking like something a 3 year old has decorated? haha.....

My partner, Duncan has said that they look great, and once they are all in cases and mixed up on a stand they will look GREAT.... i know he is right....and i know my friends are not expecting a professional cupcake (As i am far from it!) but i still feel that i want these to look fantastic..... 6 days to go and i am sure it will be fine...... : s

Watch this space!!!!

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