Monday, 16 August 2010

My Newest Cupcake Related Purchasing!!!.....

Oh MY GOD...i am such a cupcake GEEK! Haha.

I was shopping for cupcake cases in Lakeland over the weekend, and came out £30 poorer as a result of visiting this lethal and addictive shop!

They do not usually have many cupcake-related goodies in this place, so i thought that i would be safe walking in here, however........ there was a whole display sprawled out in front of me with everything and anything cupcake related that your mind could ever imagine! I was one of those poor beggars who just couldn't pass it without having a look....and picking up cases, which i DID actually need....however i also managed to find myself carrying to the counter a big plastic carry case with handle for all those big cakes i intend to bake and carry around with me (!?!) and a set of 2 individual cupcake caddies.....which were just TOO cute and USEFUL to pass on! (These were essentials i kept telling myself whilst trying to justify the spend when i can't afford to buy myself new shoes or save up for my wedding....ahem!)

When will i use these items? - Who knows....but they were SO useful i just HAd to buy them.

And i will.....Damn it!!!!


  1. It seems like even the best of us fall prey to pretty shops.

    I noticed that you're following my blog, and I hope that that means you like to read my posts and look at the pictures. :) I haven't had a new follower in ages.

    Anyway, I like your blog. The background and header picture is so nice. Keep posting!

  2. I know,,, i need to avoid all pretty cupcakey type shops haha.... my wallet is never safe in them! ; )

    Love your task lists... i am doing a 101 challenges in 1001 days so something very similar : )

    Have fun with it all!

    Jo xx

  3. I always find Lakeland makes me feel I need things that I never even knew existed before I entered the shop. The only reason I ever manage to exist is because I have no money to spend. I hope you are enjoying your purchases!
    It was lovely to meet you at the tea party!

  4. You too : ) I might have to ask for your advice on good teas to go with the cupcakes haha still a complete (And totally clueless!) novice!